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For gathering, it would be mostly similar. You try to take a resource and instead of getting materials you gain experience. The rarity of the nodes would give you more experience the same way that quality of crafts do, so normal node gives 1% per farm, uncommon 2%, rare 3% and so on so forth.

I think that's a great idea and a good alternative to the 'study' system that devs planned. However it might be too difficult to implement properly in a way that players don't feel frustrated actually crafting gear for themselves or for sale. Let's say you unlocked T6 plate chest and you're going for T7, if the chance to craft T6/T7 is low, you won't be able to overflood the market with items which is Albion Online Power Leveling, but if the chance to craft T6/T7 is mediocre, players may feel frustrated maintaining their own gear. Imagine you're crafting gear for GvG and you can't make enough items because you were unlucky and there was more thrash than you expected. Unless maybe if you could salvage thrashed items.

I wouldn't apply the idea to gathering tho. Scarcity of high tier resources would make them non-existent as everyone could 'train' on them, wasting the resources somebody could actually gather and sell or turn into gear.

Overall good idea, just would like to know more details, especially the % chance to craft an item in regards to your current tier and the tier of item you're crafting.

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