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How To Answer NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 9 Questions To Obtain VC Rewards

Here are NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 9 answers, nonetheless, by the rewards, this time you might be disappointed, if you have this episode, and 2K Games is giving away 350 VC for free, for other rewards from the studio, like temporary boost on dunks as well as layups for Myplayer and another 2KTV T-shirt. Having said that, are you purchased NBA 2K17 MT PC?

This time, players will only have to remember three answers, and the rest are up to the player’s choice. So if you’d want to earn free VC, T-Shirt and the said boost, check the NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 9 answers below:

Question 1: How do you choose your MyPlayer’s free throw animation
Answer: Player’s choice – 50VC

Question 2: In what year did Brent Barry win the Slam Dunk contest
Answer: 1996 – Temporary boost on layups and dunks for MyPlayer

Question 3: Vote for your #2KTVWOW Play Of The Month
Answer: Player’s choice – 50VC

Question 4: What is your favourite way to earn MT in MyTeam
Answer: Player’s choice – 2KTV Shirt for MyPlayer

Question 5: How many NBA Championships has Gregg Popovich won
Answer: 5 – 100VC

Question 6: Which of the color commentators is your favorite
Answer: Player’s choice – 50VC

Question 7: Brent Barry won two NBA Championships playing for which team
Answer: Spurs – 100VC

Players have earned more VC and better rewards in the previous NBA 2K17 2KTV episodes. While the rewards are really low, it’s still a quick way to earn VC. The video released for the episode 9 features Brent Barry sharing some behind the scene moments from NBA 2K17. NBA commentator Barry shares his experiences of recording for the game. Many player put much attention to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4.

When 2K Games gave away about 600 VC for free in last week, it's seems to that the studio has finally listened to the players, on top of that, it had started giving away more virtual currencies for free, however, the rewards has been lowered by the developer. More official websites are selling cheap Virtual Currencies, you can visit here:

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