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Stone will likely always be difficult, due to the lack of rare stone that provides bonus XP. But all gathering books will get increasingly difficult when you hit T6 and up, due to the risk involved in finding those mats to harvest. Maintaining a flat 33% return across the board, regardless of tier, completely disregards the steep difficulty curve on filling higher tier Albion Mall books.

Worst of all, in my admitted biased eyes at least, is skinning. Not only do we need to venture into red/black zones like other gatherers do, we also have to be lucky enough to find the mobs we need, then we need to be geared enough to kill those mobs, only then can we skin them. Adding to the problem is the fact that the T6-T8 skinnable mobs also have a chance to drop pups that are highly sought after, which makes them targets for both skinners and non-skinners alike.

That has more to do with the insane fame that a legendary tree gives and less to do with a reasonable return in fame value for journals. The quote from Monochrome states that the developer intent was that you could fill up the journal during your play session and then turn it in for 1/3 of the fame you farmed during that play session. So as a reward for leveling the laborer, and the house, and crafting the furniture, you can get resources equivalent to 1/3 of the fame you farmed during your play session. A book that doesn't have a cap fits that intent. It would be much smarter, and meet intent, to adjust the fame for the legendary and exceptional stuff. They make it too easy to level gathering anyway.

Literally the only thing removing the cap on a journal would do is eliminate the need to carry tons of them in your Albion Online Silver inventory, and perhaps eliminate people using every building plot on their personal island for houses to have laborers to take all the journals they just filled. On the test server you can still get that 6.6 tree and fill several journals (which several people already do on live), especially lower tier ones, with the fame.. and net the same resources that lifting the cap would accomplish.

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