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In a surprise announcement the Albion Online team have informed the community that they do not plan to launch the game with a free-to-play version. The team decided to take the route of another financial model to avoid problems such as botting, spam, over-crowded servers and other features that plague today's typical free-to-play launches (Albion Online, PC)

Hi guys, i played albion's betas and can say it is a rly boring game in my opinion... 5 resources to gather to build armor and weapons for a rly bad pvp system, how can a game like this lasts? There isn't any fun doing exactly the Albion Online Silver from 1st beta day to last one (the only things changing r sources tiers and armor and weapons craftable). As i can see from yt videos this game seems rly like UO with some graphics uogrades and a new combat system so i nave great expectation about LR.

Just a questione: how much players r involved in beta tests atm?

Don’t waste your money on a founders pack. Currently the game is p2w, those willing to pay for gold will never have to face silver management due to the never ending stream of gold Sandbox interactive is willing to sell you. Also, the management is very biased and plays favorites with the community and guilds. Yea you can pay for a founders pack but you will not get as much access to development as the developers favorite guilds/players will receive. Although gaming is not a charity there are monetization methods which can net the company cash without giving advantages. SI refuses to go this route by Albion Online Power Leveling. The community is also filled with fanboys that will continuously insult you if you have a differing opinion, to them you are stupid and ignorant unless you agree with their ideas. Which brings me the point of racism within the community and SI’s refusal to deal with it. A guild leader who was middle eastern was contentiously insulted because of race and making a guild with a similar name to another (one of the developers favorite guilds) management refused to keep the thread on track and allowed the racism and derailing continue. Do NOT pay for Albion, wait till it is F2P, do not buy into the hype. The developers are getting more and more p2w and carebear as development continues which is the opposite of what they claim they are aiming to achieve .

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