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From the enhanced visuals to the improved car paint design features this game should not be missed for any car fan. Forza 4 is like top gear, except you are Clarkson crashing into other cars Cheap Forza horizon 3 Xbox One Credits sending them into the gravel, you are Hammond drifting round the top gear track in a cloud of smoke and you are May when you turn all assists off and spin around in circles going nowhere but having a whale of a time. The characteristics of Forza 3 are here in bulk but have been given a major overhaul with new modes added into the mix including auto vista and kinect features. Forza''s graphics are nothing short of beautiful. There new engine allows the car to be placed in the environment and show the reflections from the environment. Taking this from a car placed in a track to a car driven in a track. Its not only the cars graphics that have been improved the tracks have all undergone overhauls to make vistas look even more stunning. Married with the new auto vista mode which allows you to get up close and personal with some of the best looking cars whilst Jeremy talks or in some cases rants about them. There's even Halos warthog. Turn Tens decision to include top gear in this was brilliant. Jeremy lends his voice to auto vista whether it be slaging of cars or worshiping them and then there's the top gear test track. This programme is watched by millions here in Britain and to allow them to drive around it as much as they like in the Kiaor whatever car you want, which is frankly awesome.

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In Mafia II, you discharge duty as protagonist Vito Scaletta, an Italian immigrant whose parents brought him to the united States in the hopes of building a augmented life. The commencement cinematic follows him as a child leaving behind the old country, to causing badly affect as a teen, previously planting you put up to in Italy, this epoch as an American G.I. charge Mussolini's soldiers in the streets.

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