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I've played Blade and Soul on the Russian servers for a while and had a complete blast, even though it was mostly by myself. I love how different everyone's characters were and the combat is so much fun. Being able to combo and things like that really make it so that you feel like you're playing a fighting game and I love that! I think being on NA servers would be a lot more fun because there would be more people to talk to, play, and learn the game with.

I have been following this MMO for years and finally, finally when they release NA want to play! The combat and the world is so beautiful! Breaking the Holy Trinity up is also something rare that only GW2 has managed with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold, so this is super interesting, too! It's a bit unlike anything in recent times, at least out here in the West.
I'm not very solid financially and so buying a founder's pack to play is a bit tricky. A code would go a long way in helping me decide if this is something I want to break a piggy bank for!

Never really played any mmos I was always drawn to them but I could never could play one that actually look like it could stick. ive been playing league of legends for the past 2 years and It is kind of dying for me. There isnt many other games I want to play besides BnS because it looks like one of the best mmos ive ever seen. Really wanna play it if I dont win this giveaway I just have to hope they let me in on the 29th.

I recently met up with an old mmo friend that I haven't seen in years, and he invited me to play blade and soul with him. I've been browsing this subreddit the last few days to determine if I should really spend money on a founder pack (college student, not ridiculously broke but I have peace of mind knowing I still have enough money for rent, books, food, Blade & Soul Gold etc). The game itself definitely seems awesome and I'm looking forward to playing regardless if I get beta or not, so if someone else needs it more then just ignore this.

However, with the hype of this long awaited game, I couldn't help but be obsessed with this game for the past few weeks. I've watched streams and guides on blade and soul every day. I've already decided which class I'm picking after seeing so many cool game plays of it; Assassin.

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